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MMBox The 3 Black is a tiny designed for factory carplay adding additional Android system easily in car that allows you to install apps from google playstore without removing factory system. This is no exaggeration to say that the whole installation (just USB plug & play) can be start up with in 18 seconds, In The 3Black is using the most update Android 13system with unique control panel.  you can install any apps you like from Google Play Store or Apk, whatever Youtube, Netflix, Disney+, Spotify , Google Map, Amap Navi etc. You can commutation with Google Assistant with mic for action. Integrate GPS module for accurate online navigation. Supports USB flash drive multimadia playback (up to 4K resolution video and high-quality audio like aoe,wav,flac,mp3). SIM card slot for internet . Bluetooth hands free talking operating by original touch screen, steering wheel, and central console joystick and buttons compatible with factory microphone and speakers, Automatically compatible with multiple screen size and resolutions, Further software upgrade via inside box 

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