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User can set different desktop layouts which provided by the system
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SmartSelect_20221215_210554_Samsung Notes.jpg
Domain Bar
Home , Navi,Music , Apps , Setting , Phone Icon were shown in domain bar by default. The app in apps page can be added to domain bar "Pin App" button.
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SmartSelect_20221215_225526_Samsung Notes.jpg
User can change the system theme between day and night mode manually or follow system
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SmartSelect_20221215_225428_Samsung Notes.jpg
 Home and work shortcut were listed in left smart porch view, also current locations date and weather info was shown in left smart porch view  
short cut and info 
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SmartSelect_20221215_210521_Samsung Notes.jpg
SmartSelect_20221215_210507_Samsung Notes.jpg
SmartSelect_20221215_210435_Samsung Notes.jpg
User can set different wallpapers provided by the system
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SmartSelect_20221215_225118_Samsung Notes.jpg
Quick Setting 
Time area and quick controls area, Screen saver screen provide a simplest UI for users, they can slide up to exit this interface.
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SmartSelect_20221215_210825_Samsung Notes.jpg
phone call 
User can make a phone call directly or add it ro contacts favorite list, contacts will be sorted alphabetically 
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